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   The purpose of this Website is to give you some insight into my new book and provide a free down-load link (shown above next to my book cover).  This down-load includes "Brief Clips" from several chapters of my book.  All of the pictures shown on this website are for illustrative purposes; the only pictures in my book are found on the front and back covers.

    There are many articles and books dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) that are available and have proven to be very helpful to others. This book written by me, Jim Staelens, Sr., a retired veteran airline captain, is quite unique. It provides insight into the "HIGH CONTROL" mode of operation of the Watchtower/Witness/Hierarchy (W/W/H).   The airlines, for about twenty years, experienced a number of fatal and unnecessary accidents due to a mentality very similar to that displayed by religious "sects" and "cults" (including that of Jehovah's Witnesses).  The airlines learned the way to overcome this lethal mentality (C.R.M. - discussed in Chapter 2); the W/W/H has refused to learn and apply such beneficial concepts; its refusal to make such needed changes has resulted in its foisting considerable harm on millions of its hapless present day and former believers.  I was an insider of the Watchtower/Witness organization for over fifty years. You will find the above noted book to be very comprehensive; a clear Exposé of the W/W/H.  It is not rank-and-file JWs, but rather the upper echelon of their hierarchy who have been guilty of failed prophecies; additionally you will also learn  "stark realities" - involving the conduct of the W/W/H - Its arrogance, consistent deception, blatant hypocrisy, lying, cover-up, lack of mercy, as well as tyranny of authority! 


You may order my book from: search ISBN # 9781630070380 - Paper-back - ($ 14.95) - Kindle E-book - ( $ 6.99)

If you prefer my book (In the E-book format) can even be down-loaded directly to your PC with a free app from Kindle.


New pages to check-out:    Deception - Double-talk - Hypocrisy - Apostate/who? and Open Letter to JWs!

How have the first three cards of choice been used by the W/W/H to keep their death-grip on believers? Please check them out!

The page Apostate/who?  -  Shows the real apostates to be the Watchtower/Witness/Hierarchy - Not rank-and-file believers who have been duped, deceived and manipulated and as a result, nowdisagree with W/W/H dogmatism and its false teachings.

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